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                                           Tom Fisher, Trainer

​  With over 30 years experience, I've never come across a dog that doesn't have something to teach you. Utilizing "Correction and Praise" training, we help you as the owner to establish your position as the "Alpha" in your relationship with your dog. A dog looks to the owner for direction and through training, you will direct them. An untrained dog will choose it's own direction and normally that direction will not be what you as the owner desire.

  As a breeder of English Mastiffs and Rottweilers through the years, I have gained a lot of insight to the working dog However, through years of dog training, I have trained dogs from the tiniest of breeds to the largest...and discovered the reality that all dogs, large or small, are better family members when trained.

   I encourage you to stop by and watch our group classes and discover the endless capabilities that you and your dog hold. Please call for class schedules and location.

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